Commercial Filtering Software

Mobile Providers

Most providers will be able to restrict mobile or 3G access to adult material if this isn’t blocked by default. This will not protect against internet access from a smartphone via wifi. See our Smartphone Devices section for further guidance. Remember if you or anyone gives your child a second-hand phone, you should always contact your mobile operator to ensure the block on adult content is enabled.

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EE offer a default adult filter called Content Lock on all their phones and tablets. You will need to go through EE’s age verification process to unblock this.

Giff Gaff


giffgaff has a default adult content block the can be removed by proof of age and can only be removed if you have a verified a driving licence or passport number.

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O2 offer a default adult filter for both Pay As You Go and contract customers. To turn Parental Control on or off, call 61818 from the mobile phone or use the online service.

TESCO Mobile

TESCO Mobile

All adult content material is automatically turned off until customer can prove they are over 18, this can be done on the TESCO Mobile website.

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Three offer an automatic adult content block for Pay As You Go customers. Pay As You Go customers wishing to view adult content need to go through Three’s age verification process to remove this block. Contract customers are automatically age-verified as part of the account creation process, so if you want your phone blocked or have bought a phone for your child, you will need to set up an adult filter on each device via your My3 account or by calling Three.

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Virgin Mobile

As a Virgin Mobile customer, you will need to create an online account and log in to change parental controls for mobile web browsing.

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Vodafone offer a default adult filter called Content Control for both Pay As You Go and contract customers. This can only be turned off by going through Vodafone’s age verification process.