Search Engine Controls

Search Engine Controls

A search engine allows you to find specific information from all the data stored on the web. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

To activate search engine controls go to search settings, enable SafeSearch or set your search filter to Strict and save your settings. Set up controls on EACH search engine used by you or your kids otherwise your child could bypass the filter by using a different search engine. Google and Yahoo! allow you to lock your search settings using password protection. You will need to create and/or sign in to your Google or Yahoo! account to do this.

Remember SafeSearch only protects your kids from unwanted search results. It does not block access to websites if the web address is typed directly into your browser's address bar. To protect against this see ISP Tools, Browser Controls and Filtering Software .


To enable Bing SafeSearch

Bing does not offer a SafeSearch lock and recommends installing Windows Live Family Safety for added security. To set up Windows Family Safety Filter.