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A smartphone is a mobile phone with internet access. As well as calling and texting, users can download emails, browse websites, access social networking sites, take pictures, listen to music, play games and watch TV. Users can personalise their smartphones by downloading apps. An app is software which provides additional functions. Some of the most popular smartphones are the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and BlackBerry.

If your child, irrespective of their age, uses a smartphone it is advisable to set up parental controls. For very young children it is worth considering turning functions off or locking applications. For teenagers, where their smartphone is often a ‘lifeline’ it is important to put age-appropriate parental controls in place. Don’t forget, their mates may have an unrestricted phones so it also is important to talk to them about what they may see either by choice or peer pressure.

Your kids will be able connect their smartphones to the internet via your home wifi network as long as they know the password. They will also be able to connect to the internet at their mates’ houses and in public places that have free wifi.

To protect against unrestricted smartphone access to the internet in the home, take a look at the options suggested in the ISP Tools and Filtering Software sections. Filtering packages are available which extend protection beyond your PC to include smartphones and tablets.

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BlackBerry allows you to restrict access to specific functions. To set up BlackBerry restrictions.

If you wish to filter inappropriate content you will need to download an app from BlackBerry App World. A popular free app is Mobiflock Parental Control

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Apple's iPhone has in-built parental controls known as 'Restrictions' which allow you to turn functions on and off via a passcode.

You cannot limit internet usage or filter web content via the restrictions in Settings. To do this you will need to contact your Mobile Provider. Most providers will be able to restrict mobile or 3G access to adult material if this block isn’t already enabled by default.

To restrict wifi access to inappropriate sites, you’ll need to download an app from App Store on your iPhone. One of the best-selling filtering apps is Mobicip Safe Browser which costs £2.99:
Once you’ve downloaded the app, remember to hide the default web browser Safari using Restrictions.

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Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone is an Android device. It offers a function called Content Filtering which allows you to restrict the apps that can be downloaded.

There are free Android apps available that restrict functions on the phone. This type of childlock app is more appropriate for younger children. Two popular products are: Kiddoware’s Kids Play For older childern this Norton Family Safety app has proved popular