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A tablet is a portable, internet-enabled computer operated by touchscreen. Amongst other things users can browse the web, email, play games, download apps, take pictures and listen to music. The most popular tablet is the Apple iPad. Other notable devices in the market are the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus, Hudl and Kindle Fire.


Google Nexus

The Google Nexus tablet is an Android-based tablet. It has a function called Restricted Profiles, this is where you can set up separate profiles for your children.

These apps are avialable in the Playstore: Kiddoware and Norton Family Safety app



Tesco’s Hudl is an Android-based tablet. There are secondary profiles and pin codes you can set up to ensure your tablet is safe on the internet.

Commercial Filtering Software


The iPad has integrated parental controls known as ‘Restrictions’ which allow you to turn functions on and off via a passcode.

You cannot filter web content using Restrictions. To do this you will need to download an app.
Metacert have developed a family-orientated iPad browser.
It works just like Safari but with a Safe Browsing utility in place which you’ll be prompted to enable following installation. Metacert iPad Browser with Parental Controls is free, quick and easy to download. It’s also highly effective when it comes to blocking adult websites.

Another popular parental control app is Mobicip Safe Browser which costs £2.99. Once you’ve downloaded the Metacert browser or Mobicip, remember to hide the default web browser Safari using Restrictions.

If you have younger children that have an iPod Touch as a stepping stone to their first mobile phone or instead of a tablet, bear in mind that it is an internet-enabled device which shares many of the characteristics of an iPhone or iPad. Users can surf the net, download apps, access social networking sites, play games, listen to music and take pictures. Consequently, you should pay equal attention to enabling parental controls on an iPod Touch.

Commercial Filtering Software

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a Wi-Fi enabled tablet. The Kindle Fire has built-in parental controls which allow you to turn functions on and off by use of a password. You can switch off the wireless capabilities or web browsing but it will not allow you to filter content.



The NOOK is a Wifi enabled family focused tablet that is aimed that having one tablet for all the family to use. There are functions for separate profiles and pin security.

Commercial Filtering Software

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is an Android-based tablet. It offers a function called Content Filtering which allows you to restrict the apps that can be downloaded.

There are free Android apps available that lock-down tablet functionality. Childlock apps like Kiddoware are more appropriate for younger children, while apps like Norton Family Parental Control allow you to monitor your kids' activity as you give them more freedom.